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Established in 1981, by Hank Rozanek, the Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity showcases the best of the Midwest hunting dogs. 

Spend some time looking through the past winners and you will see that it reads like a "who's who" in top field dogs.

In 1992, it was agreed that the members of the Vizsla Club of Illinois, with Jim Busch acting as secretary, would host the event. It is currently held in conjunction with the VCOI spring field trial held at Des Plaines Wildlife Area, with Rodney Albin acting as Secretary.

In 2003, the Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity was granted American Field approval with its established rules and nomination guidelines, which can be found Here. At the time of this approval, the event's offical name was changed to Midwest Vizsla Futurity since American Field does not hold show futurities and the inclusion of the word "field" was redundant.

- Breeders of premier hunting stock nominate their litter for the Midwest Vizsla Futurity.

 - Our hope is to keep the spirit of the competition that Hank Rozanek created alive long into future.

 - To see the past winners, click here

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2014 Midwest Vizsla Futurity Winner Midnight Run’s Probable Cause “Kayla”

Handled by Brian Gingrich, Owned by Jeff Zenas, and Bred by Jon Peck

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